Chairman's Message

  Education is about an ongoing response to life, living values and how to change without giving up on values without losing one’s identity. The learning infrastructure at Vidya Academy is carefully designed to articulate essential conditions to nurture the young minds and manners of the youth into upright and valuable members of the society. Education empowers students to discover themselves – who they are as a person. The teacher support them in channelizing resources vis – a – vis their dreams. Our aim is to give our pupils a sound moral education, while special attention is given to their intellectual, social and physical development.

My best wishes to the Principal, staff and students for doing a commendable task.

Shri S.P. Singh Verma
Chairman,Vidya Academy

Principal`s Message

A dream to provide the best educational facilities to the children of our villages seen long ago by Shri S.P. Singh Verma is now in 2010 flourshing and scattering its fragrance of knowledge in all directions.

But with the changes of priorities of education he felt that that an English Medium School which can provide the best education to rhe children of our villages.

Birth of Vidya Academy :- Foundation of Vidya Academy was laid in April 2010 thinking about he essentiality of an English Medium School for the area. A small plant which was planted only one years ago with a strength of 130 students is growing strongly with new branches and petales with a strength of 700 students and gained a reputation in the field of education in a very young age. This happened only due to full support and guidance of our efficient management and hard labour of our staff, without them this success can never be achieved.

Vidya Academy